In Colombia
We Dream in Color

From the lush green mountainsides in Colombia's coffee region to Cartagena's colorful streets and crystal blue waters, our lives are painted in vivid hues that express everything we do. Our music, culture, traditions all inspire living life to the fullest. That's why so much of what we love revolves around gathering with our friends, family, and COMPADRES* to celebrate the good life.

*Compadres: (Com • pah • dre)
Intimate friend.

Aguardiente is more than a spirit. In Colombia, it s a unifier, a national pastime, a tradition that adds flavor to every ritual and celebration in our adult lives.

As young boys, we drank it under the table QUERIENDO SER GRANDES.* As adults, we found a way to elevate and honor it.

We are proud to share our heritage and inspire a new set of traditions by bringing a piece of Colombian soul to the world.

*Queriendo ser grandes:
Desire to be grown ups.

From regional traditions, our local ARRIEROS* used to hand-crafted aguardiente in their own homes to get enough PERRENQUE* for their daily activities.

By transforming the best Andean sugar canes into molasses and then adding anise to balance flavors, our ancestors found a mystical way to awaken their senses and passion for life. Inspired by those mystical uses, CUMBÉ* is made to ease the soul transformation process and engagement with the celebration ritual by relaxing fears.

*Arrieros: (ah • rri • eh • ros)

*Perrenque: (pe • rrehn • ke)
To have energy.

José Fernando Botero is a spirits alchemist and chemical engineer who came to Cumbé from the most renowned aguardiente distilleries in Colombia. A true connoisseur and visionary, he set the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the largest Aguardiente tasting. Empowering his passion for crafting the best aguardiente ever tasted, and using all-natural ingredients and state-of-the-art production processes, his unique formulation dances on the tongue, excites the senses and transforms the celebration.


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